Vietnam is a business market with great attraction to foreign investors today. The demand for foreign investment consulting is increasing. To ensure legal investment activities, Van Luat LLC has provided foreign investment consulting services in Vietnam and is trusted and chosen by many investors.

With a comprehensive and complete understanding of the law, the business environment, and foreign investment in Vietnam, Van Luat Consulting Company can provide customers with the most useful legal advice in all fields of foreign investment.

What is foreign investment consulting?

Vietnam has more and more advantages to attract foreign investors, the government is always ready to create the most favorable conditions for investors. However, they still have to comply with Vietnamese policies, administrative procedures and laws. In fact, the procedures to apply for an investment certificate or to set up a project have to go through many steps at many competent agencies. Meanwhile, they are foreigners, do not understand Vietnamese law, so it will be more difficult to implement.

Van Luat company has provided foreign investment consulting services in Vietnam to assist investors in completing the procedures for applying for certificates and procedures for establishing investment projects in Vietnam. Vietnam.

A to z foreign investment services
A to z foreign investment services

Foreign investment consulting service in Vietnam at Van Luat

Consulting for foreign investment in Vietnam is one of the areas that Van Luat has paid the most attention to during the past time. With a team of experienced and highly specialized consultants, Van Luat has supported foreign individuals and businesses in many investment projects in Vietnam. Not only providing consulting services, but Van Luat is also ready to support customers to solve arising difficulties and control risks as well as propose the best solutions.

Van Luat’s foreign investment consulting services are very diverse, including:

Form 1: Advice on procedures for applying for an Investment Certificate and adjusting an Investment Registration Certificate

Form 2: Consulting on conditions for foreign investors to invest in Vietnam

Form 3: Consulting on setting up branches and representative offices in Vietnam

Form 4: Step 1: Consulting to apply for an operating license for branches and representative offices in Vietnam

Form 5: Step 1: Advice on how to identify and choose partners and locations for investment

Form 6: Consulting on environmental impact assessment

Form 7: Research and advice on the feasibility of investment plans

Form 8: Consulting on technology transfer and purchasing raw materials and equipment…

Especially when choosing the foreign investment consulting service of Van Luat company, customers will be best supported in drafting documents and registration documents, and procedures for granting necessary licenses at the agency. competent state agency.

Process of consulting services for foreign investment in Vietnam at Van Luat

Van Luat Company provides foreign investment consulting services in Vietnam from A to Z according to the following process:

– Receiving information from foreign customers about investment plans

– Check the information, evaluate the investment field under Vietnamese law, and advise

– Consulting to prepare documents and necessary documents to establish investment projects

– Consulting project implementation location (in the industrial zone or outside the industrial zone)

– Consulting on preferential conditions and preferential procedures.

– Prepare application for investment certificate

– Investor’s representative submits documents to the competent authority

– Monitor the processing of applications and notify as well as assist investors in handling rejected applications

– Receive an investment certificate and apply for a business registration certificate and legal entity seal.

With more than 7 years of operation in the field of foreign investment in particular and corporate law in general, Van Luat consultants have a lot of experience in negotiating with state agencies to solve difficulties., stuck. Not only providing investment advice at the first stage but Van Luat is also committed to supporting customers throughout the investment process in Vietnam.

Regardless of any customer’s requirements such as establishing a 100% foreign-owned enterprise, joint venture enterprise, branch or representative office, or looking for partners and negotiating with domestic and foreign partners, etc. …, we all focus on the specific needs of our customers and support them throughout the investment process in Vietnam.

In addition to supporting and advising on the main investment areas for foreign enterprises investing in Vietnam. Van Luat also has the strength of being a Multi-Industry Law Firm – Multi-field, it is with this advantage that we not only support and also provide foreign investment consulting services in Vietnam, but also advise and support businesses operating in Vietnam under Vietnam’s regulations and laws, resolving incidents, or commercial disputes, resolving issues related to civil or civil law. copyrights, trademarks…

For more detailed advice on foreign investment consulting services in Vietnam, contact 02473 023 698. Van Luat commits to efforts to become the leading advisor for foreign individuals, enterprises on the path of sustainable development investment.

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