Global commercialization helps the economy to grow, the need to establish businesses in countries is increasing. To get into business, setting up a company is the first step that needs to be taken. In order for a company to be established and operate in Vietnam, it is necessary to carry out administrative procedures for an enterprise registration certificate at the Business Registration Office – Department of Planning and Investment where the enterprise is located. main trader.

The types of legal businesses in Vietnam are quite diverse, but the most common types of companies in Vietnam include: Limited Liability Company in Vietnam (One member limited liability company and Two member limited liability company) and joint stock company.

Comparison table between 3 types of companies:

TYPE One member imited liability company Two member limited liability company joint stock company.


OWNER One member limited liability company has only one owner, who is an individual or an organization A limited liability company with 2 or more members can have many co-owners (who can be individuals or organizations). The owner of a joint stock company is a shareholder of the company (can be an individual or an organization).
NUMBER OF MEMBERS AND SHAREHOLDERS There is no member list item Minimum 2 members tablet and max no more than 50 people Minimum 3 members

capsule and unlimited

maximum quantity limit

LEGAL STATUS Have legal status Have legal status Have legal status
AUTHORIZED CAPITAL Total value of assets that the owner commits to contribute to the company’s charter Total value of assets that the owner commits to contribute to the company’s charter The member’s capital contribution is divided into equal parts
RESPONSIBILITIES FOR OWNERS’ OBLIGATIONS Within the amount of capital committed to contribute Within the amount of capital committed to contribute Within the amount of capital committed to contribute
ABILITY TO RAISE CAPITAL Low ability to raise capital Average ability to raise capital High ability to raise capital
CONVERT TYPE OF BUSINESS Be changed Be changed Be changed
RIGHTS TO DECIDE Owner Administrative Council Board members
ORGANIZATIONAL STRUCTURE Simple Pretty simple Complex

Therefore, depending on the number of members contributing capital to establish the business and depending on the specific needs of the business owner, it is possible to choose for themselves an appropriate type of business to have an organizational structure to manage the business. reasonable business.

Legal basis:

Enterprise Law 2020

The company formation process includes the following basic steps:

  1. Preparation of business establishment documents
  2. Submit application for registration of business establishment
  3. The business registration agency receives and considers the application
  4. Become a child of a legal entity and register a seal sample
  5. Post a statement
  • Execution time:

Within 5-7 days from the date the enterprise submits the application, if the application is valid, the enterprise will be granted an enterprise registration certificate.

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