Hai Duong is rising to become the bright spot of the Northern economic region with rational planning and development strategy to promote high-tech industry and supporting industry; commodity agriculture focusing on high-tech application and organic agriculture; high-quality service; green, intelligent, modern city. Besides other familiar provinces that investors tend to set up factories such as Bac Ninh, Vinh Phuc, Quang Ninh, Hai Duong is also a suitable choice that investors can consider. Hai Duong has been implementing innovative urban infrastructure planning to welcome foreign investors to invest.

How many steps that foreign investors need to take before they want to invest in Hai Duong? In the following article, we will outline these steps for an Investment Registration Certificate in Hai Duong, by the current regulation.


Business investment is the investment by an investor to carry out business activities. Foreign investor means an individual with foreign nationality or an organization established under foreign law that conducts business investment activities in Vietnam. When a foreign investor wants to invest in Hai Duong or any other province in the country in the form of an economic organization must carry out the procedures for applying Investment Registration Certificate before doing.  Except for the investment projects which need to apply for approval of investment policies of the National Assembly, the Prime Minister, and the People’s Committee of the province, they must carry out the procedures to apply for approval of investment policies first.

An investment registration certificate is a paper or electronic document recording the investor’s registered information about an investment project, including:

  1. Name of the investment project.
  2. Investor.
  3. Investment project code.
  4. Location of the investment project, land use area.
  5. Objectives and scale of investment projects.
  6. Investment capital of the investment project (including capital contributed by investors and mobilized capital).
  7. Operational duration of the investment project.
  8. Investment project implementation schedule, including:
  9. a) Progress of capital contribution and mobilization of capital sources;
  10. b) The progress of the main operational objectives of the investment project, in case of the investment project is divided into stages, the progress of each stage must be specified.
  11. Forms of investment incentives, support and grounds, and application conditions (if any).
  12. Conditions for investors implementing investment projects (if any).
Every step to apply investment registration certificate in hai duong
Every step to apply investment registration certificate in hai duong

Step 1: Set up documents

Documents to be prepared include:

  1. a) An implementation request for the investment project, including a commitment to bear all costs and risks if the project is not approval;
  2. b) Investor’s legal status documents;
  3. c) Investor financial proving documents, including at least one of the following documents: financial statements of the last 2 years of the investor; commitment to the financial support of the parent company; financial support commitment by the financial organization; guarantee on the financial capacity of the investor; other documents proving the investor’s financial capacity;
  4. d) Investment project proposal, including the following contents: investor or investor selection form, investment objective, investment scale, investment capital, and capital mobilization plan, location, duration, implementation progress, information on the current status of land use at the project site and proposed land use demand (if any), labor demand, the investment incentives proposal, impact, socio-economic efficiency of the project, environmental impacts preliminary assessment of(if any) by the environmental protection laws.

If the construction law stipulates the preparation of a pre-feasibility study report, the investor may submit a pre-feasibility study report instead of the investment project proposal;

đ) If the investment project does not request the State to allocate, lease land or permit the change of land use purpose, submit a copy of the paper on land use rights or another document determining the right to use the site for investment projects;

  1. e) The explanation of the technology used in the investment project for the project subject to appraisal and technology consultation according to the provisions of the law on technology transfer;
  2. g) BCC contract for investment projects in the form of BCC contract;
  3. h) other documents related to the investment project, condition requirements, and investor capacity prescribed by law (if any).

Step 2: Submit your application

  1. Dossier-receiving agency

Currently, the competent authority to issue the Investment Registration Certificate in Hai Duong is the Department of Planning and Investment of Hai Duong Province; Management board of industrial zones, export processing zones, high-tech zones, and economic zones in Hai Duong.

  1. Application submission method

Currently, there are three main methods of application submission: direct submission to the investment registration office; or submitted by post to the investment registration agency; or submitted online through the national investment information system.

Step 3: Verify the application and receive the result

After the investment registration agency receives the application. If the application is not valid or has contents to be clarified, the investment registration authority will send a notice to the investor to complete the application on the online system in 5 working days from the date of receipt of the dossier; (for online application).

For the case of online submission, there are two methods: submit with digital signature and submit without digital signature

– In case of submission by digital signature: If the application is valid and meets the conditions, the investment registration agency will issue and amend the Investment Registration Certificate to the investor within 15 days from the date receipt of a valid application.

– In case of not submitting by digital signature: In case of the dossier is eligible for the issuance of the Investment Registration Certificate, the investment registration agency shall notify the investor of the online system. When receiving the notice, the investor submits paper documents with a printed copy of the receipt to the investment registration agency, either in person or by post service for comparison with the documents submitted on the online system. Past the time limit of 30 days from sending the notice of satisfaction the conditions for issuance, adjustment of the Investment Registration Certificate, the investment registration agency has not received the investor’s paper dossier for comparison, the investor’s electronic registration dossier is no longer valid. The Investment Registration Authority shall issue and amend the Investment Registration Certificate within 15 days (not including the time when the investor submits the paper dossier for comparison with the electronic dossier) from the date of receipt of the application if the content of comparison is consistent;

Above are the steps to apply for an Investment Registration Certificate in Hai Duong, if you have any questions don’t hesitate to contact Van Luat, we have a team of experts who are always ready to advise you about business investment procedures anywhere in the country and investing abroad with the most optimal cost.

Sincerely thank!

Quoted source: https://thuvienphapluat.vn/

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